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Project Description

Luscious Roller Skates give the classic roller skate a modern twist.

The joy of roller skating never goes away – no matter how old you are! Luscious roller skates have been designed with this in mind.

Fresh, funky and fun loving skates which help you stand out from the crowd, whilst getting fit.

Luscious skates are manufactured from the highest quality materials. They are throughly tested and designed to last for years to come.

Designed to offer a supportive and comfortable fit around the heel for a secure fit. PVC and mesh materials have been used in the construction of these skates to allow your foot to breathe.

In addition to manufacturing top quality roller skates, Luscious also have a comprehensive range of parts. Meaning that when the time comes to replace the components on the Luscious skates, you can use genuine replacement parts.

The Luscious skates focus is on promoting a fun and vibrant lifestyle.

Luscious Roller Skates - Disco Diva - Pair - 204-664

Luscious Roller Skates are available in seven different colourways.

Luscious Roller Skate Wheels - Purple - LS204-741

58mm wheels are available to purchase as replacements or to mix and match your skates.

Luscious Roller Skate Top Stops - Green - Pair - LS204-755

Genuine replacement toe stops are available to purchase.