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Project Description

Lighten up your skating sessions with the newest Luminous Wheels.

Luminous Wheels are fast, bright, enjoyable, reliable, and an incredible eye catcher!

Coming in multiple sizes so you can match your preference, the Luminous Wheels come with an 85A durometer urethane. This gives the perfect balance of speed and grip, and they’re even available for quad skates. If you’re after a particular colour, they’ve got you covered with 9 different colourways to choose from!

Quote from Roller Girl Gang:
The Luminous Wheels are the brightest we have ever tried and our favourite. We love these wheels, because during the day, you have a bright, pretty wheel, and during the evening they additionally flash. We love to skate indoors and outdoors, and while the mid-hardness is not specialist for either indoor or outdoor, it is a perfect leisure wheel. (By specialist, I mean that you probably wouldn’t skate a long distance outdoors in these wheels, where a softer wheel would provide more comfort, nor are they designed for high-speed spinning and super precise jumps and landings, where a much harder wheel is required.)

Luminous Quad Wheels - ALL 62mm 85a - Face - LUWLQLU6285

Light up Quad wheels from Luminous come in at 62mm and are the brightest LED wheels you’ll get your hands on (or feet)!

Luminous Wheels - ALL 11 80mm 85a - Face - LUWLLU8085

Luminous wheels are available in 3 different sizes, 72mm, 76mm, 80mm and 110mm. So you can decide which ones are best for you!

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