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Project Description

The Harsh Protection range has grown due to popular demand!

All Harsh Protection is globally certified and suitable for multi sport use. Some of the top athletes in the action sports industry use Harsh Protection in their sports.

Scooter riders such as Ryan ‘RWilly’ Williams (Nitro Circus Star) and Charley Dyson (MGP UK Scooter rider) wear Harsh helmets. Jenna Downing the 10x British inline skating champion and Vic Tori Bee Team England Roller Derby skater also choose Harsh to protect them.

The first product from Harsh Protection was a range of EPS Foam helmets. These helmets are up to 50% lighter than tradition helmets. This is achieved by the unique and industry leading ‘overmold’ technology. Also available is a unique rental helmet, which is perfect for skateparks and roller rinks etc.

Harsh have recently added a range of high impact, ABS helmets to their range. The ABS helmets are certified for multi impact use. These helmets have a lower profile. They also offer more protection around the base of the skull.

In addition to helmets, Harsh have a range of protection sets with two or three pieces. Included in all sets are knee and elbow protection. Wrist guards are included in some protection sets.

If you’re just looking to replace either knee or elbow pads these are also available to purchase separately, along with the wrist guards.

Harsh Protection PRO EPS Helmet - Matt Purple 204-237 Front & Rear

Harsh EPS Helmets are up to 50% lighter than other helmets, thanks to the ‘overmold’ technology.

Harsh Protection PRO EPS RENTAL Helmet - Matt Yellow 204-505

With a bright yellow finish the Harsh Rental helmet is easily identifiable in a busy skatepark.

Harsh ABS Helmet - White - Angled & Rear - HA207-207

ABS Helmets from Harsh are high density injection moulded helmets which are certified for multi impact use.

HARSH Protection - 3 Pack Combo Box & Pads - HA205-175

Whatever your age or sport, Harsh has the protection you need.

HARSH Protection - Pro FlexFit Knee Gaskets - HA204-231

Harsh knee pads are available as either a hard shell or a flexi fit.

HARSH Protection - Pro Park Elbow Pads - HA204-525

Slim, low profile designed elbow pads to suit the demands of your sport.