Deadbolt Protection

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Project Description

The creators of Deadbolt Derby Protection have a good understanding of the products that you want and the protection you need. This means that their products are designed to be functional and supportive.

Innovation was key for Deadbolt when designing their new product range. For those skaters already familiar with their products – you won’t be disappointed!

With the Grand Slam pads, they’re certainly on to a winner, but it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Being Derby skaters themselves, the designers understand the way in which you need your knee pads to protect you.

The Cap Tatts are made from a high quality, clear polycarbonate with the designs printed on the reverse – so they don’t get damaged by scuffs or scratches.

The Condura fabric was chosen because of its resistance to abrasions and tears, and the extreme durability it offers. Unlike other toe guards on the market, the Scuff Busters are made from two pieces. This means that you can mix and match your Scuff Busters to suit your bout-fit or team colours.

DeadBolt Cap Tatts - Knee Bone - DBCT102

Originality is a bout that the truly unique Deadbolt Cap Tatts have under their belts for sure! Pick your design, remove plain caps from your Grand Slam pads, strap ’em on and away you go!

DeadBolt Grand Slam - Black - DBGSBK

The multi use Deadbolt Grand Slam pads are made to allow for the different movements and requirements from all sports.

DeadBolt Scuff Busters - Purple - DBSB100PR

Scuff Busters are a clever yet practical way to protect the front of your skates from damage. Made using high quality Condura fabric, used to make military clothing and luggage.