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Project Description

Antik Skates are the parent brand for some of the biggest names in roller derby.

Bringing you brands such as Antik Skateboots, Reckless Wheels, Gumball Toe Stops and Moto bearings to name a few.

Antik Skates want to totally submerge themselves in every aspect of roller derby. They are able to do this by participating, refereeing and coaching people in the sport. This then allows them to spot rising trends in the fast paced world of roller derby.

The extremely popular Antik Skateboots are made in the USA with only the finest materials. When designing the Antik skateboots and packages, Antik wanted to give the best quality and durability money could buy.

Gumball toe stops are widely known throughout the industry as the #1 toe stop. Such was demand for this toe stop, a newer, bigger toe stop called the Superball was created.

You have probably heard about the game changing, dual density, Reckless Morph wheels? These too are manufactured under the parent brand of Antik Skates. Reckless wheels aim to have a diverse range of wheels that cater for all tastes.

Antik Jet Carbon Boot - Black - Angled View - GMAT507259040

Antik Skateboots use only the finest materials and best components for their skates.

Grn Mnstr Astro-Nuts All Packs

AstroNuts are the way to reduce weight as they’re three times lighter than normal nuts.

Grn Mnstr Gumball Superball Toe Stops - Coloured - GMGB122894

Gumball Toe Stops are the #1 toe stop in roller derby.

Grn Mnstr Heartless BREAKER Tangerine 59mm 94a - GMHL122611

Heartless wheels are 100% roller derby focused and offers unmatched agility.

Grn Mnstr Moto Bearing Oil - GMMT122464

Technology, precision, speed and durabilty. Thats what makes a Moto Bearing.

Reckless CIB Vertex Wheel - 61mm 103a - Packed - GMRL123212

Innovative designs and unique looks are the signature style of Reckless Wheels.