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Project Description

Lake Placid Ice Skates have a skate for beginners to seasoned veterans.

If you’re wanting top quality, great value ice skates, look no further than the range of Lake Placid Ice Skates.

Manufactured by one of the oldest, original skate manufacturers in America – Roller Derby. The Lake Placid Ice Skates range do not compromise on quality.

The range of ice skates feature junior adjustable skates, moulded figure skates and leather figure skates.

Junior adjustable skates are perfect for young children as they give the ankle support that is needed. In addition to this, the skates adjust to grow with the child, prolonging the lifespan of the product.

There is a massive difference between recreational skating and figure skating. The Lake Placid Ice Skate range offers varying specifications on their figure skates to suit the needs of the skater.


Lake Placid Ice Skates Mach 5 Girls Angled View

Lake Placid adjustable ice skates grow with the childs feet to prolong the life of their product.

Lake Placid Ice Skates Supreme 694 Angled View

The specification on Lake Placid Ice Skates varies by model.

Lake Placid Ice Skates Firecat Black Angled View

The specification on figure skates varies by model.