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Project Description

JD Bug Scooters are one of the most popular folding scooters in the UK.

JD Bug Scooters make many different models and specifications of scooters. J & R Sports distribute what we believe are the best quality and most reliable.

Since 1999, JD Bug Scooters have seen unprecedented success with their folding scooter range. Demand was high for their products, and they expanded their range to include different models and colour options in 2014.

Without a doubt the most popular scooter from JD Bug is the Original MS130. JD Bug introduced a smaller Junior scooter to the range to keep up with demand. It is perfectly proportioned for children aged 4+. All JD Bug Scooters feature a patented, single lever folding mechanism. This means the scooter can be folded quickly and easily with a single movement.

We have recently added new products to our JD Bug portfolio. The JD Bug Swayer is a fun to use ride on, suitable for use inside and out. There is also the new EZ folding classic scooter. This is based on the most popular JD Bug model.

JD Bug also have a stunt scooter range. This include the original Pro Street. We have added to the stunt scooter range with the Novato Pro and the Xtreme Stunt scooters.

There is also a fully stocked, comprehensive range of parts and accessories too. These will keep your scooter in perfect running order.

Check out the full JD Bug range below.

JD Bug Kids Swayer - White Red Side View - JDTC60

Whatever the weather, the JD Bug Kids Swayer will provide kids with hours of fun and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

JD Bug EZ Fold Classic Scooter Black Pink - Angled Open JDMS301

The JD Bug Ez Folding Classic Scooter is exactly that – easy to fold. It is based on the most popular scooter ever produced – the JD Bug Classic Scooter.

JD Bug NOVATO PRO Stunt Scooter - Red Black - Angled - JDMS118T

The Novato Pro stunt scooter is the perfect scooter to take to the skatepark.

JD Bug Scooters Jr Street - Matt Black Folded - JDMS101

The MS100 Junior scooter is perfectly proportioned for children aged 4+.

JD Bug Classic Street 120 - Matt Purple Folded - JDMS126

JD Bugs most popular scooter is the Original MS130.

JD Bug Scooters Original Street - Red Glow Pearl Folded - JDMS133B

An updated version of the JD Bug Classic is the Classic MS120.

JD Bug Scooters Street 150 - Reflex Blue Folded - JDMS155

Designed to bridge the gap between children and adult riders, the MS150 Street has a higher handle bar.

JD Bug Scooters MS185 Commuter Scooter

The MS185 Commute Scooter from JD Bug is the best scooter for long distance rides.

JD Bug Scooters Street 200 - Pepper White Folded - JDMS200

JD Bug designed the MS200 to be the ultimate adult scooter.

JD Bug Pro Street Stunt Scooter Matt Black

There are also a range of stunt scooters from JD Bug – the Pro Street Series, is based on the popular MS130.

JD Bug Street 150mm Wheel - Clear - JD150-6101CL

We offer a fully stocked range of spare parts for all JD Bug scooters.

JD Bug Logo

Check out the entire JD Bug range!