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Project Description

Bazooka Goal are the worlds most compact folding goal.

Bazooka Goal is the first truly portable solid frame portable goal. It operates with a unique telescopic feature. It unfolds in seconds from within a self-contained carry bag and net.

Unlike traditional portable goals, the goal frame bounces back on impact instead of sliding along the ground. This is the new generation in solid frame pop up goals. Footballers can now play anywhere they can carry their Bazooka Goal. There is no pegging required. A unique spring-coil features allow for setup to be completed in a matter of minutes. The solid, balanced frame ensures great stability on any surface.

Its light weight portable design means it can be used almost anywhere. This gives it complete versatility. Therefore, small sided games, street football, futsal or just pure recreational play has never been easier.

Bazooka Goal can be found in some of the worlds elite football clubs. Clubs such as Liverpool Football Club, Manchester United, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC and Real Madrid to name a few, are all fans of the unique Bazooka Goal. In addition to big name clubs such as these, Bazooka Goals are regularly used by smaller, independent football clubs thank to their compact design, making them easy to store.

There has been increased demand for personalised goal nets. Now you can now have your club logo or name printed on to the net of your Bazooka Goal. For more information on this, please fill out the Contact Us form here.

It’s revolutionary design has been acknowledged in the 2011 Ispo BrandNew finalist category for sports hardware. It has also won the RedDot Design Award in 2012.

Bazooka Goal V2 - Open Front View - PIBAZOOKV201
Bazooka Goal V2 - Open Front View - PIBAZOOKV201
Bazooka Goal V2 - Open Front View - PIBAZOOKV201

Completely portable. Uniquely brilliant. The Bazooka Goal is used by a whole host of UK and European football clubs.

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