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Project Description

Restless Longboards have worked tirelessly for over 15 years to establish themselves as one of the world’s elite longboard brands.

This means they boast a range that covers everything from a smooth city cruiser to an adrenaline drive speed rush!

Fuelled by a passion for the sport of longboarding, Restless longboards were born in 2000. Using a jigsaw, an old snowboard, rusty trucks and a beat up set of old wheels. It was this night that profoundly changed their lives.

Throughout the changes in the longboarding world, their passion for the sport has remained. The passion flows through the company from the founders. Through to the design team and is poured into every board they create. Seeing their boards as rolling canvases, Restless longboards push the limits of what is possible and promote local artists, materials and riders.

Restless Longboards pride themselves on creating decks that allow riders to live a one of a kind experience. They design their boards through extensive testing. Team riders and engineers work together to improve ideas and bring innovative ideas to the table. Developing the wheels used on the first ever Restless Longboards, lead them to develop a wheel line specific for their boards.

Restless Longboards - B52 Deck - Underside - RESDB52 Angled

Restless view their boards as rolling canvases and promote the use of local artists.

Restless Longboards FishBowl 39 Angled - Paris Black - Grindhouse 70mm

The range of complete longboards from Restless, is at the forefront of design and technology.

Restless Longboards Wheels - Helion - 66mm 78a Yellow - RESWHE6678

To accompany their range of decks, Restless have developed their own range of wheels to work in harmony with the decks.