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Project Description

Bear Trucks is a combination of experience, engineering and enthusiasm for high performance and quality skateboard trucks.

Bear Trucks have over a decade of experience in truck design. They continue to produce top of the line skateboard components.

Since 2004, Bear Trucks have worked to fill a void in the market for high performance, downhill trucks. The original Smokies trucks, dominated the downhill scene for many years. They allowed riders to push themselves to the edge of what was possible. The evolution of the Bear Smokies trucks is of course the Grizzly trucks. These are a cast aluminium version of the successful downhill truck.

The in-house engineer works tirelessly to ensure Bear Trucks are the best available on the market. Every design goes through a lengthy prototype phase. Samples are tested for strength and quality in their engineering workshop

Bear’s history of performance and quality is their motivation. They want to continue developing ground breaking designs and production techniques. Staff at Bear are a mixture of riders and engineers. The result is a product that is a perfect mix of passion and science. Projects are tweaked, modelled and analysed rigorously. This will ensure the highest quality. Prototypes are tested by the team of pro riders at Bear to ensure they perform as intended.

Bear Trucks Grizzly Gen 5 Truck Black - LY-GR852BK

The Grizzly Gen 5 truck focusses on strength versitility and weight reduction.