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Project Description

The first collection from RAM Longboards is a massive success!

Despite being a relative newbie to the longboarding scene, RAM Longboards are coming in strong. Their desire? To inspire a new generation of people into the sport, using ethically and responsibly sourced materials. Each board featuring in the range is made from the finest Canadian maple. In keeping with their enviromentally friendly ethos, RAM plants more maple trees for every one that is harvested. In doing so, they’re reducing the negative impact on the environment.

A solid team of designers and developers are on board at RAM Longboards. Their experience within the skateboarding/longboarding industry spans more than 20 years. Alex Luxat is the technical product manager at RAM. He is heavily invloved in the industry as both a rider and designer. Founding members of the RAM Longboards team, have produced what many believe to be, the original, clean and simple longboard shapes that you’re used to seeing.

Their first collection of longboards experiment with different wheel and truck combinations. Every tiny detail has been carefully considered. Continuous testing and redesigning has produced a range that will suit all riding styles.

RAM Longboards Blacker - Sunny Lime Angled - RL22272

The Blacker longboard from RAM features retro 70’s styling.

RAM Longboards Luxat Edition - Cahli Phantom Angled - RL22283

Regarded as the ‘pocket knife’ board of the range, the Luxat Edition is suitable for multi use.

RAM Longboards Miloh - Mahogany Rose Angled - RL22288

Drop through truck mounting makes the Milho longboard a super low ride.