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MFX Scooter Parts

MFX produce some of the lightest, strongest and best looking scooter parts in the industry. Whether you’re looking for replacement Scooter Wheels or looking for the perfect deck to build your custom scooter with, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the MFX range. Many of the parts in their range are featured on the MGP VX8 scooters!

The RWilly Signature Wheels and Bars have been tested by the man himself on the Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp. They have been designed to withstand the demand and strain put on them by pro riders. Along with the RWilly signature parts, MFX has also delved into the world of Titanium with the BAMF Ti Bars! BAMF Ti Bars are the strongest and lightest they have ever produced.

MFX is committed to producing the highest quality scooter parts and uses only the finest materials in their construction. They have partnered with the latest, industry leading technologies in manufacturing. So, you can be sure that when you purchase any MFX product, that you are getting the lightest, most durable scooter parts available.

MFX Bamf Ti Bars - Neo Chrome - Angled - MGP207-045

From the Aero‘s to the BAMF Ti bars, the range of models and colours are all the highest of quality.

MFX Juzzy Carter Signature Deck - Angled - MGP205-699

Signature MFX Decks are made to the Pro Rider’s specification to make sure they’re perfect!

MFX Affray Fork - Electric Blue - Profile - 205-201

One of the lightest scooter forks that you can get today.

MFX Clamp - Neo Chrome - Angled

Double and Triple clamps weighing in as low as 60g!

MGP VX 9 Extreme Scooter Deck - Blue - Angled - MGP207-441

From MGP VX Decks to MFX Decks,  there are multiple designs, sizes and a huge range of colours to pick from!

MFX SYNDICATE AR 120mm Wheels - Black Orange - Face - MGP207-076

Scooter Wheels that will keep you rolling in style.