Project Description

J & R Sports have been working tirelessly for over 15 years to continually bring the biggest brands and the best products to our customers and we feel that the CityBug Electric Scooter is a product our retailers will love! The concept of adding a motor to a traditional push scooter is an idea that has been around for a couple of years now, with varying designs and specifications. Keep checking this page or our B2B CityBug page for new releases.

The all new CityBug Electric Scooter is the ultimate urban innovation and can be quickly and conveniently folded for storage at home or on public transport, as well as reaching top speeds of just over 10mph!

The usual twist or lever style throttles have been forgone on the CityBug Electric Scooter and in their place a patented push/pull handlebar system that provides a gradual acceleration. Solid rubber wheels absorb the bumps to give a smooth ride and the large rear brake pedal, which also acts as a mudguard, will bring you and your CityBug Electric Scooter to a slow and controlled stop from speeds of over 10mph.