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Madd Gear

Madd Gear is renowned for bringing the best quality, highest specification stunt scooters to their fans. And this year the fantastic range of Pro Scooters is no different! Since Madd Gear was established in 2002, they’ve grown not only in popularity but their product range. They have expanded to adapt to the ever-changing face of the action sports industry.

The 2019 Kick Scooter range features a model for every riding age and ability! Whether you’re an up and coming shredder or well on your way to pro status, the Kick range of scooters has you covered and is backed by Madd Gear’s reputation for quality. Manufactured to the same high standards as MGP stunt scooters, Madd Gear Scooters are perfect for younger children. They have great specifications and a lower RRP than other brands. This makes them the ideal scooters for kids who are wanting to try stunt scootering for the first time.

The all-new Madd Gear PRO Series Skateboards offer quality components paired with amazing graphics and are perfect for youngsters who have seen the older kids at the skateparks or shredding the streets and want to get involved.

Their range of skateboards is designed for beginner/intermediate level riders along with retro style shortboards. So, whether you’re learning to shred the skateparks, cruise the streets or make the commute to work or college easier, they have you covered!

Apparel from Madd Gear also covers everything from new T’s, Hoodies, Vests, Belts, Wallets, Caps, and Beanies. There was also a new range of backpacks that are perfect for going to work, school or to the skatepark! The range covers a much wider size range than we have run with our previous clothing range covering small kids sizes through to large adults.

Madd G-Retro Board - Tie Dye - MGP205-487

From full-size skateboards to shortboards, Madd Gear has the craziest eye-catching designs!

Madd KICK EXTREME V4 - Red Blue - Angled - MGP207-291

The high-quality range of beginner/intermediate scooters with multiple models, sizes and colours.

Madd Gear Grind Rail - Black - Lifestyle 3 - MGP207-135

Grind on the move with the Madd Gear Grind Rails, they’re perfect for anyone wishing to practice their grinds. With a quick and simple assembly, you can be up and ready to grind within 5 minutes!

Madd Gear Pogo - Black Lime - Front - MGP207-147

The sleek, robust design of the Madd Gear Pogo Stick will set you apart from the rest whilst giving you the capability to push it that little bit further.


The Madd Gear Apparel range covers everything from new T’s to  Hoodies, Vests, Belts, Wallets, Caps, Beanies and even Backpacks!

Madd Gear Est 2002 Logo

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