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Project Description

S1 Helmets are an independently owned and operated brand.

They are deeply rooted in the Californian scootering, skateboarding, longboarding, BMX and roller derby scenes.

Today S1 Helmets has an extensive line of protective helmets. Their helmets are renown throughout the industry. The unrelenting approach to style and safety puts them ahead of the competition.

The S1 Lifer helmets offer up to 5 times more protection than regular soft foam skate helmets. This is thanks in part to the superior fit these helmets offer. Due to demand, S1 introduced the Mega and Mini Lifer helmets into the range to cover every size.

Taking product development one step further, S1 Helmets now also produce their famous Lifer helmet with a visor. The high-quality polycarbonate compound prevents against shattering.

Not content with producing high-quality helmets, S1 also offers a range of knee pads. Like their helmets, the knee pads are also suitable for all sports.

In addition to helmets, there is a range of accessories available to purchase seperately. This includes replacement liners, velcro pads and visors.

S1 Mini LIFER Helmet - Lagoon Gloss - Angled - SHMLIBLG

A scaled down version of the S1 Lifer helmet, the Mini Lifer helmets are perfect for people with smaller heads but still features the same specially formulated EPS fusion foam that you’ll find in the Lifer helmets.

S1 LIFER Helmet - Watermelon - Angled - SHLIWM

With many colours of Lifer helmets available in the range, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

S1 MEGA LIFER Helmet - Black Gloss Glitter - Angled - SHMELIBGG

If you’ve struggled to find a helmet that is big enough to fit, without compromising on safety and comfort, the Mega Lifer helmet from S1 Helmets will be a perfect fit for you.

S1 LIFER Helmet inc Visor - Scarlet Red - Angled - SHLIVSR

Building on the success of the standard Lifer Helmet, S1 wanted to give their Lifer Helmet including Visor the versatility to be used with or without the visor at the whim of the skater thanks to the in-mold mounting hardware.

S1 RETRO Helmet - White Gloss Black Check - Angled - SHRLIWGBC

The Retro Lifer is an S1 Lifer Helmet with a retro, moto helmet look with added protection for the ears!

S1 Gen 3 PRO Knee Pads - Black Black - Pair 2 - SHKP3BKBK

S1 knee pads provide a secure and comfortable fit for all sports.